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Equipping Over 3000 Artiste



 As Christmas and New year approaches, the equipping artiste programs kicks off again. This started last year, it’s a programmed where artistes are equipped on how to run/ oversee their promotion themselves. This year artiste will be taught how to upload to digital stores and also how to create a dollar account to receive their money because of the fall in Naira and rise in dollar. Pls kindly note that all services we will be recommending to you, we have our referral code for it pls endeavor to add them. That’s the little way you can support the brand too.

The goal is to reach over 3000 artistes, like it’s said the sky is spacious for as many birds to fly, pls kindly inform artiste that you know and have their contacts.

The programs go as thus:

1. Creating Bank Account for Dollar Payment

2. Signing Up for Digital Accounts

3. Turning Account To Dollar Account

4. Adding Dollar Account to Your Digital Account


Not to take too much of your time we will dive right into the first part which is creating the account which accepts dollar payment. You can validate the credibility of the account online, even Davido has an account with the bank. Opening the account with our code is one of the ways to support us too. So we are pleading with you to please open an account with the bank and not just opening but using our referral code as we have a long way to go.


Benefits of Opening the Account With our code

1. You get a 10% off any of our services

2. You are eligible to perform at any of our shows/concert (Artiste will be paid for their performance) in your locality so pls kindly follow us on all our social media accounts.

3. Raffle draw with account number for credit alert and our free services



1. Creating Bank Account for Dollar Payment

Go to your play store

Download Alat by Wema

Sign Up for a new Account

Use our code “FSG7M7” as referral code

Login in after Sign Up

Go to profile and fill all the necessary details (pls use a Gov id card, preferably use your NIMC card temporary or permanent).

Fund you account with at least #100

Send account number to Admin


If you have any issue with any of the following pls kindly message the admin


For 2. Signing Up for Digital Accounts pls kindly message the admin on +2347031137621


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