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Borrow #3000 and Return #1300

 Before Diving into the main discussion lets take a look at what Loan Lending Apps are:

What is Loan lending Mobile Applications?

Loan Lending mobile applications are applications that help the borrower in availing personal loans. These applications are very easy to use, where the borrower has to submit the required documents along with the application which will be approved once checked and verified by the admin for security check. The procedure involves in the loan lending application is very discreet where the borrower can find the lender without any difficulty over the website.

Feature of loan lending application-

  1. Easy to access
  2. More secured
  3. Borrowers have various loan options
  4. Privacy and chatbox option
  5. Minimal Paperwork 

But pls do note do not borrow money to party and also don't borrow with the aim of not returning it because this will lead to these fintech companies sending messages to your contacts that you are a thief and trying to make away with their money


Fintech applications are the applications used for Managing the Personal Finances, bills and also for tracking the personal and credit accounts. These applications are also used for International Money Transfer and tracking the software. Fintech applications are used for technological developments with the aim to improve the delivery of services related to finance.

  So How do you Borrow #3000 and Return #1300

1. Click on this link Here


2. Enter the number associated to your BVN because thats why they will use to verify your details for the loan.

3. After that go to your playstore and Download Lcredit Loan App

4.  Sign up and Fill in your information properly bad accurately, once you’re done with the the details registration, bind your bank account and bank card to the app, N1 will be deducted from your card but will be returned after applying for a loan.

5. Once you bind the bank and card, request for a loan of 1500. In most cases, they will tell you that 3000 is the minimum amount of loan you can apply for, if you fall in that category, apply for it but try N1500 first. Hence, do not take a loan higher than N3000.

6. Wait for your account to be credited and note that charges will be deducted and you will have to repay full amount. For example, if you request for a loan of N1500, lcredit loan app will credit you with N1185 or as the case may be and you will repay N1500.

After the money is sent to your account 

1. Login back to the app

2. Click Menu

3. Claim the cash coupon and discount coupon

Once your repayment is successful, you will receive the fresh N1000 cash voucher and you can now withdraw it directly to your bank account.

How To Withdraw The N1500 Bonus

Once you have repaid your loan successfully, open your lcredit loan app and click on the my profile button at the bottom right corner of the app. Check for cash vouchers on the next screen and click on it.

You will see 1500 that can be withdrawn, click on to withdraw at the top right corner of the app and you will be redirected to the final withdrawal page as shown above, click on the withdrawal button and you will received the alert immediately.

This implies that no matter the amount of charges deducted from the loan you take, the bonus withdrawal will cover it and still leave extra money for you. Take note that you must not request for a loan that is greater than 3000 so as to have enough bonus after repayment.


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